Back in April 2016 The Paris Seminar held two successful exhibitions, one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast.
Thank you to all the collectors, artists, sponsors, patrons, and students who attended and support the project.

April 8th,2016 in Laguna Beach, CA at the LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN
Demos by Adrien Gottlieb and Kate SammonsLectures by Sean Forester and Vanessa Rothe

April 28th, 2016 at the SALMAGUNDI CLUB NEW YORK
We began with a brief overview of the Paris Seminar by Vanessa Rothe who introduced the program, followed by a more in depth look at what the artists will be studying and learning together in Paris by Sean Forester, and then a short lecture on American figure painting today by Peter Trippi, Editor of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine.  We followed this with the unveiling and sale of the artworks and ongoing discussions in the famous Samagundi club art library.  Additional demos the 29th of April in the evening by Michelle Dunaway and Michael Klein and presentations by Sean Forester, Vanessa Rothe and Alan J. Lawson from the Alpine Fellowship.

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Michelle Dunaway and Michael Klein Painting                    Adrian Gottlieb’s Portrait Demo

The portrait painting demonstrations by Adrien Gottlieb and Kate Sammons were fascinating to watch.  Both artists achieve a very good likeness in a short time.  Their work demonstrated a clarity of thought in painting and Kate explained concepts clearly to the audience who engaged and attentive.

Sean Forester lectured on the connection between Nineteenth Century Paris and painting today while Vanessa Rothe explained the goals of the Paris Seminar and what we will do while in Paris.  We had a panel discussion where each artist presented paintings he or she admired and we discussed the direction we could move to advance painterly realism.


Vanessa Rothe and Sean Forester Lecturing

In New York the program was similar with Forester and Rothe being joined by Peter Trippi, Editor of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine. The lectures were in the Samagundi club parlor and the reception in the beautiful art library.


Reception in the Salmagundi Club library

On the following evening, Sean Forester lectured in depth on composition and Alan J. Lawson lectured on the Alpine Fellowship.  Then Sean set up a two figure composition of musicians which Michelle Dunaway and Michael Klein painted as a demo.   It was exciting for the audience to see how Michelle and Michael painted – their techniques and approaches.  The audience asked some excellent questions.


Richard Greathouse, Alan Lawson, Vanessa Rothe, Sean Forester, Michelle Dunaway

During the NYC exhibition, some of the artists met at the National Arts Club for lunch.   Both the Salmagundi Club and the National Arts club are beautiful historic buildings.  Inside them you feel connected to the classical tradition of American art and its connection to the Beaux Arts movement in Paris.   The Paris Seminar will continue the tradition!

-1 8.33.34 PM

National Arts Club



National Arts Club