Louis Béroud - An Evening in the Louvre - 1912

Studying master paintings was integral to atelier training in nineteenth century Paris.  Delacroix, Homer, and Sargent all copied in the Louvre as students.  Brushwork, drawing, values, color—there is so much to be learned by entering into the pictorial world of a master. The Paris Seminar artist will visit the great museum of Paris to make quick copies and discuss the works.

We explore techniques, ideas, and approaches to the art of oil painting.  How does an artist use line, value, color, brush-work, narrative, and symbolism?  What images or techniques did he learn from his teacher or other masters?  How did his style and subject matter develop?  By questions such as these,  Paris Seminar artists will be able to reflect on how the classical tradition can become a springboard for contemporary painting.