The Paris Seminar is proud to be holding one of its bi coastal exhibitions in the Patrons gallery upstairs at the Salmagundi Club, NYC.

club_buildingFounded in 1871, the Salmagundi Club is one of the oldest art organizations in the United States. Housed in an historic brownstone mansion in Greenwich Village, New York City, the Club offers programs including art classes, exhibitions, painting demonstrations, and art auctions throughout the year for members and the public.  The Salmagundi facilities include three galleries, a library, an elegant period parlor, and a restaurant and bar with vintage pool tables.  The Club owns a collection of over 1,500 works of art spanning its 140 year history and has a membership of nearly 850 artists and patrons. Its members have included important American artists such as Thomas Moran, William Merritt Chase, Louis Comfort Tiffany, N.C. Wyeth and Childe Hassam. Today the Club builds on this legacy by providing a center for the resurgence of representational art in America.

April 28th, 2016 at the Salmagundi Club New York, with additional demos and lectures the 28th and 29th of April in the evenings.
We begin with a brief overview of the Paris Seminar at 6pm followed by the opening and unveiling of the works 6:30-9 with ongoing discussions in the famous Samagundi club art library.  Additional demos the 29th of April in the evening by Michelle Dunaway and Michael Klein and presentations by Sean Forester, Vanessa Rothe and Alan Lawson.

 The Paris Seminar exhibitions are being held to educate the public and to raise funds so the artists can study together in Paris and take the next step with their artwork by learning to creating larger scale multi-figure compositions. We offer you this unique opportunity to shape the world of art and its future, to invest in your legacy, and to help make a significant difference in the lives of the American realists  today.  Needless to say, 10 days in Paris is an expensive proposition, encompassing the participants’ flights, accommodations, space rentals, modeling fees, museum admissions, and meals. To raise the money to attend, all of the artists have agreed to provide one signed work measuring between 16 x 20 inches and 30 x 40 inches. The works will be sold separately, and your purchase will help make 2015 Paris Seminar a reality.

Fine art patrons have taken note of talented artists throughout the ages and played a key role in supporting them, often hiring them into their court to beautify it, or record their legacy and history. These commissions and consequent ‘’collections’’ have become some of the greatest works in art history today. From the time of Michelangelo and Leonardo when the church played a great role in commissioning works of great historical importance, to the Florentine Medici Family who’s support of the arts lead to numerous masterworks remaining till this day. Without the aid of Van Gogh’s, brother Theo, and the provenance created by his sister in law, Vincent would not have flourished and been free to create so many works and these delightful paintings which we admire today in our fine art museums may not have been made, much less celebrated.  This year in 2015, an elite group of contemporary realist artists, offers you the chance to personally play a role in shaping the art world of today and of the future by purchasing one of their works and helping them to take this important journey.

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