After the introduction of the Revelite AL, artists who used the light to illuminate their finished work realized that the Revelite was also a powerful tool for creating art. Studios often suffer from a lack of sufficient natural light, causing colors to appear muted and untrue. The traditional approach to fixing this problem involved haphazardly mounting various lights to any available surface in order to spread a mix of light as evenly as possible across a canvas. The Revelite Easel Light offers a simple solution to this age-old problem in a discrete and energy-efficient package.

The Revelite Easel Light is an adapted version of the Revelite AL that allows fine-tuning of the light output without any tools. A dimmer switch is mounted to the rear of the hood, allowing easy control of the light’s output. Thumb screws on each light bar allow the light to be quickly calibrated to get even illumination on canvases of various heights. Three modified versions of our traditional mounting bracket are included to allow the artist multiple mounting solutions.

Mounting a Revelite to an easel allows brilliant light to be cast evenly across a canvas from a steep angle, allowing the artist to stand comfortable in front of their canvas without blocking their light source.

Because the Revelite Easel Light uses the same LEDs and optics as the Revelite AL, artists are able to display their finished works under the same lighting conditions that the works were created under. For the first time, it is possible to guarantee that a piece of art can be presented to truly show the artist’s original vision.

At Revelite we believe that innovative products celebrate the creative minds behind them. In 2011 the founders of Cerno were introduced to Herb Seymour, an artist, art collector and retired engineer. At their first meeting Mr. Seymour explained his concept for an art and display lighting system that could evenly illuminate works of art. Mr. Seymour had a vision and Cerno had the tools and team to bring it to life. Cerno’s founders and Mr. Seymour decided to create a partnership and formed Revelite.

Today Revelite’s team of engineers, led by Cerno’s Co-founder Daniel Wacholder, are producing the most sophisticated art lighting system ever made. Revelite’s talented team utilizes cutting edge and patented technology to deliver a product with unparalleled performance.

Revelite is the art and display lighting division of Cerno. Cerno was founded in 2009 by Bret Englander, Daniel Wacholder and Nick Sheridan.

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