Raymar supplies professional artists with 100% archival, cotton and artfix linen painting panels ideal for pleinair or studio work. Available in 5 different textures. Now with ARTFIX French/Belgian linen.
Our mission, and our passion at Raymar is the same  – to source the finest quality materials to create archival painting panels for your artwork. Our second-generation family business is dedicated to the craft of fine art. For nearly two decades Raymar has been privileged to build relationships and partner with artists to create professional painting supplies.

Whether you are a novice beginning your career or an established artist refining your skills at the Paris Seminar, painting supports that enhance your work are essential to advance your art. We believe our exceptional panels will give you confidence in your materials and ultimately inspire your artistry.

Raymar painting panels are currently available in 9 canvas, linen and paper surfaces including three Artfix Belgian linens: L22U, L64C and L84C. Artfix linens are hand primed in Provence for a truly exceptional surface. All Raymar panels are made in America with our in-house process to ensure every panel is of the same consistent high quality. We bind the painting surfaces to our panels with a specially formulated pH neutral adhesive and cover the reverse side with Raymar’s exclusive gray melamine backing. The result is an archival, balanced board of uniform consistency that resists warping to ensure your art will endure through the ages.

So in your quest to share your artistic vision with the world – there is the paint and there is the brush, but it is the panel that ultimately records your lasting impression.

As artists, we have the power to illuminate history and express the truth of a subject that can impact people and ultimately change society’s established views. These timeless moments are brought to life and made permanent when you paint on a Raymar panel. Raymar is honored to supply the panels for the Paris Seminar and shape history. Lasting art lives on RayMar.

Catherine Dietrich and Emily Dietrich

Artists and co-owners


Dunaway 12 x16 Afternoon Light

“Raymar makes the finest lightweight linen boards available for painting. The Artfix L64C is my favorite surface for portraits and I love that this fine linen from France is now offered by Raymar on archival panels. The linen holds the integrity of the brushwork better than any surface I have tried in the past. Great art begins with inspiration but it is created with quality materials.” – Michelle Dunaway