Born in Odessa, Ukraine, Olga Krimon received a formal academic art education in Kazan, Russia.  She continued to grow and develop her skills later in America, through drawing classes with Glen Orbik and painting classes with Jeremy Lipking.  Olga also holds a BA in Art History, and she credits it with providing her the rich visual vocabulary that is instrumental for defining her path as an artist.  She also received an MBA from University of Southern California (USC) making her well-grounded in the business side of an artistic career.

Olga’s Figurative and Still life works are recognized by the Portrait Society of America (International Competition 1st Place Drawing 2016 and 3rd Honor Award 2014, Certificates of Excellence 2011 and 2015, Members Only Honorable Mention 2014).  She is also a finalist in 2016 and 2015 Art Renewal Center (ARC) International Salon Competition.  Growing up she was (and still is) largely influenced by Repin, Serov, Brullov, Vrubel, Levitan, Kramskoy, and Fechin.  Over time, Olga developed her own style grounded in fundamental principles of academic realism, sensitivity to subtle value and color transitions, and yet bold energy of movement and expressive brushstrokes.  In her works, she stresses carefully orchestrated compositions and value arrangements.

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