Brendan Johnston (b.1984) is a compelling young painter and sculptor.  He was born in New York City and grew up just several blocks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  After graduating from McGill University with a Major in Art History and Humanities, Brendan moved back to New York to pursue a career as a fine artist.  In 2006, he began his studies at the Harlem Studio of art.  Then in 2008, Brendan enrolled in the Grand Central Atelier, where he diligently studied academic drawing, painting and sculpture.  In 2014, Brendan traveled to Italy to finish his studies by copying old master paintings in the Museums of Rome, Florence and Naples.  Now living in New York City, Brendan is a resident artist and teacher at the Grand Central Atelier.  He is currently creating dynamic works in nearly every genre of painting.  Brendan’s work is represented by galleries in California, New York, and Massachusetts.

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